Who we are

Our Guide - The Holy Spirit

We make it our every aim to listen to the Holy Spirit to be our guide. We love God's presence.

Our Foundation - The Bible

We love God's word and make every effort to stand on this firm foundation. We believe in the steadfast, infallible truth of God's word.

Our Lifestyle - Prayer

Prayer is an integral part of our church and we love to pray. We know and believe deep in our heart that communication with God brings clarity in our daily life.

Our Value - Family

We value family life and know that God ordained family. We therefore try our best to also preserve the family atmosphere which is the essence of our church.

Our Heartbeat - Nations

We love our nation Denmark and believe the call of God over our church is to impact our nation and the nations of the world with the love of Jesus Christ.

Our Open Arms - To Help

We try to always wear the garment of help so as to care and share and we do the best we can. We know God helps us and makes us a blessing that we may be that means of blessing and grace to everyone around us.